Earn more from your credit cards every day.

  • Most users save $750+ per year.
  • Use the right credit card to maximize your category bonuses on every purchase.
  • Auto-add every Amex, Chase, BoA, & Citi Offer without sharing your logins.
  • Save money every time you shop with smart notifications, online and in stores.
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CardPointers has you covered

With support for thousands of credit cards across hundreds of banks, it's never been easier to optimize your credit card rewards — in the United States, Canada, and everywhere else.

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What are people saying?

This is phenomenal. There is no simplified app like this out there that does what this does. Believe me-I had been looking for a long time. Besides the clean, simple, very accurate (super important) information it contains, the customer service is outstanding.

Djgrolyos (App Store)

If you're anything like me, you have more than just one credit card and you try to maximize the rewards, benefits and value you get from each of your cards. This app is by far the absolute best tool to help you achieve those goals.

Ron in PA-USA (App Store)

Beautiful interface with the ability to change color and customize card features. You don’t have to connect your banks, just add the cards you have and it will populate the data associated with that card including SUB, offers, category bonus.

Lillychan86 (App Store)

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