Made for iPhone, and all of its best features.

What's better than an app to help you earn more from your credit cards? Not having to open the app at all, which is why CardPointers for iPhone integrates all of Apple's best iOS features, including:

  • Safari Extension — Know which card to use on every website, automatically, and auto-add every Amex, Chase, BoA and Citi Offer; no bank logins required.
  • App Shortcuts — Ask Siri, "CardPointers here", or "CardPointers for Starbucks" and instantly know which card to use.
  • Augmented Reality — Point your camera at any store and see your best card in real-time — like magic.
  • Apple Wallet Passes — Double-press the lock button to pay with Apple Pay and you'll know which card to use without having to think about it.
  • Location, Location, Location — Receive a notification when you arrive at a store and know which of your cards is best there and then. Or pull up a map at any time to see where you have offers on your cards. Across every card & bank.
  • Interactive Widgets — View your best cards and expiring offers right on your home screen.
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Quicker + Prettier = Awesome

In CardPointers 5, every section of the app has been re-thought and re-designed to help you get to the information you need faster, with new shortcut buttons at the top of each one.

In Pointers you'll see the all-new design highlighting the best card for every purchase, along with shortcuts to the Best Card Wizard and the new Augmented Reality mode. In Cards, there are new views to give you insight on your upcoming card renewals, your Chase 5/24 status, and more.

CardPointers iOS 17 Screenshot CardPointers iOS 17 Screenshot

Save More Money with Offers

In the Offers screen you can now quickly sort and filter all of your offers -- whether you have 20 or 2,000 -- with just one tap.

And if you do have a ton of offers, you can now group them by name to help you parse through all of your money-saving offers even more easily.

CardPointers iOS 17 Screenshot CardPointers iOS 17 Screenshot

Interactive Widgets

iOS 17 adds the ability to interact with your widgets without launching the app, and now you can see right on your home screen the stores closest to you, which card to use there to earn more points, and the most relevant offers.

When you're at a new location, you can tap the refresh button right on the widget to instantly refresh the nearby stores, all without launching the app, all while protecting your privacy as all location data stays on-device.

And with the new Offers widget you can see all of the offers on your cards and mark them as redeemed right from your home screen with some slick animations.

CardPointers iOS 17 Screenshot CardPointers iOS 17 Screenshot

Smarter Siri & Spotlight with App Shortcuts

Search for CardPointers and instantly see handy App Shortcuts right in Spotlight, including two new ones to help you know which card to use at nearby stores.

Or just ask, "Siri, CardPointers here", and Siri will instantly tell you which card to use at the store you're in right now -- like magic.

The Shortcuts app has never looked better, with customized colors and a list of all App Shortcuts available, as well as nearly 1,000 pre-configured shortcuts for your favorite stores. Try asking, "Siri, CardPointers for Starbucks" to earn more points on your next coffee run.

CardPointers iOS 17 Screenshot CardPointers iOS 17 Screenshot

StandBy Support

Leave your iPhone charging in landscape mode to see the new StandBy mode in action. Every CardPointers widget has been optimized for this new view, and interactive buttons work here, too.

Add any widgets to the StandBy screen and scroll through them without having to unlock your iPhone.

CardPointers iOS 17 Screenshot

Even More Card Insights

If you're looking to sign up for new cards, you can now see your Chase 5/24 status right inside the app, along with which cards are counting towards that number.

And when your card is up for renewal, you can see how much the card has helped you save over the last year to make sure you're getting the most out of the annual fee, all calculated for you.

CardPointers iOS 17 Screenshot CardPointers iOS 17 Screenshot